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It Ain't No Mystery

you get what you give...

5 July
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my pet!

Go sort out your own head before you mess w/other people's...

I'd LiKe To DaZe AwAy To A pLaCe nO oNe HaS kNoWn. In A sTaTe Of MiNd I cOuLd CaLL mInE, tHaT oNLy I CoULd oWn. WhErE I cOuLd HuM a TuNe AnyTiMe I ChOoSe, aNd ThErE's No SuCh ThInG aS tImE...

1985, 89x, abercrombie, alexz johnson, alternative music, american eagle, animals, b&r sports, bars, bath & body works, beaches, bell-bottoms, big sunglasses, bitches, black, blue eyes, blueberry muffins, bonfires, boonesfarm, boscos, boyfriend, bubble baths, burberry brit, burnett's, candles, cedar point, christmas trees, chucks, cinnabon, coconut, coconut incense, cooking, cosmopolitan, cuddling, cvs, dark hair, degrassi, demf, detroit, detroit pistons basketball, diamond rings, digital cameras, dogs, drinking, dvds, engagement rings, euchre, express, eyebrow eating, facial masks, family guy, fight club, figure skating, finch, flintstone vitamins, flip-flops, foreplay, forgiving, frankenmuth, funeral for a friend, fvvv, goldfish, green, harry potter, hart plaza, hemp, hip hop, hoodies, instant star, john grisham, journals, kenneth cole black, kids, killing the norm, kisses, laguna beach, lemons, lifetime movies, linkin park, lipgloss, love, loving someone, macomb community college, make-up, marijuana, mashed potatoes, my so-called life, nachos, napolean dynamite, newport lights, nick, off-roading, outkast, peach snapple iced tea, pictures, piercings, rachel mcadams, reading, requiem for a dream, ripped jeans, salt, scarves, scs, sex, shopping, sleeping, smiles, smith's rosebud salve, stickers, strawberry daquiris, straylight run, sweater-weather, taking back sunday, tanning (cali body!!), tattoos, tea, texas hold 'em, the 25th hour, the girl next door, the holographic universe, the real world, the used, thrift stores, thunderstorms, u.s marines, urban outfitters, victoria's secret, vince vaughn, virgin suicides, visine, voting for pedro, western michigan university, white oleander, writing