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There has been some controversy about whether the situations on the show are real, mainly due to the use of multiple camera angles allowing the crew to capture all the action, which some people have criticized as they feel in reality this would not be able to happen. MTV's disclaimer at the beginning of the show states that "the people, the locations and the drama are all real."

In a New York Times article, executive producer Tony DiSanto elaborated: "It's as real as any reality show. These are the real kids. The things they're saying are unscripted; it's what goes on in their lives. What we chose to show or not show is where we are editorializing. And just like any reality show, if two kids say they want to go out to dinner and we know that this one restaurant will not allow us to shoot in there then we can't get the scene. So we may ask them, 'You know what? Would you guys mind going to this one where they'll let us shoot?' They say yes or may say no. It's obviously their decision."
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